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HK Aspirator Pump & Infiltration Pump System, Pre-Owned

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Product Description

HK Surgical Aspirator Pump & Infiltration Pump, Pre-Owned

These two devices, the Aspirator & Infiltration Pumps are stackable for conserving space and the Klein Infiltration Pump may be plugged into the back of the Klein Infiltration Pump is available exlisively from HK Surgical.

HK Surgical Aspirator Pump

This Aspirator offers superior high speed powered suction performance. The HK Aspirator Pump can hold up to 4 Baxter Canisters or 2 Abbott/Sorenson Canisters, eliminating time-consuming canister changes. The Aspirators is designed for powerful performance with almost no noise. This Aspirator pump is ideal for suction due to higher tort and vacuum. This is a great portable and compact aspirator pump by HK Surgical which has been proven to be reliable. Pressure gauge is built into the pimp so it can not be broken off and with space to place the infiltration pump on top of aspirator. 
HK Aspirator Pump Specifications:

  • Vacuum:
    • Adjustable from 0-27 HG at sea level and standard conditions. No Flow restrictions at intake.
  • Maximum Flow Rate:
    • 3 cfm free air at sea level and standard conditions. No Flow Restrictions at intake.
  • Maintains higher vacuum
  • Piston & Reciprocating pump
  • Portable and Compact aspirator
  • Ideal for suction due to higher tort
  • 1/3 Horse Power for vacuum pump
  • Low Noise level allowing for sight and sound aspiration management.


HK Surgical Infiltration Pump

The Klein Infiltration Pump delivers high volumes of tumescent anesthesia, therefore maximizing patient comfort and reducing physician infiltration time. This Infiltration pump operates on any voltage worldwide. This Pump is the only infiltration pump on the market with a non-conductive roller head, a feature that ensures safety procedures.

HK Klein Infiltration Pump Specifications:
Weight 10 lbs Dimensions 12′ x 9′ x 6′
Power 24V DC1 AMP Drive Single Direction
Motor 0 to 600 RPM Control Dual pnuematic switches (on for each side of the OR table)
Maximum Head Pressure Continuous 25 PSI
Intermittent 40 PSI
Maximum Flow Rate 1000 ml/min

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